The concept


In short, wine seminars offered by Wine Tasting in Paris are targeted towards beginners who simply love wine. If you have ever been overwhelmed by the vast selection of wines in a restaurant, then we are here to help.

experienceThis entertaining course will help you decipher the labels and tastes associated with all the various French wines offered in establishments around the world. Each tasting will includes an expert wine connoisseur who will relate all the facts you need to know about French wine. Your group will not have more than 15 people as to offer an individualized experience to wine tasting. Feel free to ask questions and comments on how to distinguish tastes. Your expert will explain everything to you in a fun and enlightening way so that leave Wine Tasting in Paris more confident in your wine knowledge.

Each wine offered at the tasting has been carefully chosen to celebrate the rich variety and culture of wine making in France. You will discover the different regions of French wineries according to their robust and rich tastes after each glass. Just remember: the more you drink than the more fun the night will get due to the magical power that wine provides.

Wine tasting in Paris is more than just another tourist activity- this is an activity immersed deep into the French culture and facon de vivre (way of life).  A wine tasting will be the ultimate experience to curate a better sense of appreciation for cultural differences during your time in France. Long live fermented grapes!

I had a very nice time and learned a lot of useful informations. I also learned that I could like Bordeaux more than Cote du Rhone! Thanks Thierry! Although I noticed that the white I have been buying for some time is from Bourgogne region, :-D

Jules, Australia