Fun and Informative


The main difference is here. Our activity has been designed to give you the perfect combination of a fun and friendly moment, but when you leave, you know much more about the wines of this country and about wine tasting globally.

Thierry-51BThe content is very clear and easy to understand for everyone, even if you know nothing at all about wine, but at the same time, people who are already well-informed will get lots of useful information to develop their knowledge. And our expert is here to answer any question at anytime of the tasting.

People have fun, they share their experience with their neighbors, they discover things they have never noticed before about wines, they discover French regions through the maps and pictures. They will also learn how to taste wine and how to recognize the different aromas of wines.

That’s why, at the end of our session, we have a 100% satisfaction rate, from college-age to the seniors, men and women, groups and couples,…