26 March 2021
Category: Non classé
26 March 2021,

Since people stopped travelling and vising France, I’ve decided to bring a little bit of France in their own place.

I’ve launched an offer of virtual tasting sessions on  the Airbnb Experience platform.

Even if it will never replace the pleasure to meet and share a glass of wine together, those on-line sessions are a very good way for people living in different parts of the world to discover a full class about French wine, with a French sommelier sharing is knowledge and answering your questions about Bordeaux, or Burgundy, how to read a French wine label, how Champagne is made etc…

The guests receive a list of wine recommendations to buy before the class and then we all discover thoses wines and their regions together.

If you want  to know more it’s here:

French wine Tour session:


Champagne tasting session:


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