2 July 2014
2 July 2014,

Tasting Note #9:  Condrieu Vertige 2008 Domaine Cuilleron

Condrieu is the white Star of Northern Rhone valley. This unique wine is certainly the best expression of Viognier grapes.

The Condrieu vineyards sits on a steep, south-southeasterly facing slope that hugs the western bank of the Rhône and is planted condrieuwith 100% Viognier. The vines are on average 20 years old and are planted with limited terraces, oriented parallel to the slope spaced about a half meter apart. With such a steep slope the vineyard demands manual work, which includes harvesting in small baskets.

Yves Cuilleron is one of the best winemaker of this region, leading a vineyards of 50 ha.

This special cuvée “Vertige ”  is coming from a small plot in coteau du Vernon.

The wine is raised 18 month in wood barrel.

Appearance: Limpid- intense golden yellow

Smell: Clean nose with intense aromas of apricot, honey, and nuts. Oak aroma coming form the barrel also.

Taste: Dry wine with lively acidity, but very round, full in mouth. Same aromas of apricot, dried fruits, honey and wood. A little bit of bitterness at the end. very long finish.

Conclusions: Excellent typical Condrieu, perfect with fish in sauce, chicken in cream sauce, or even with foie gras.

I give it a 16/20.vertige



Tasting Note #8:  Saint Emilion Grand Cru Chateau Chante Alouette 2011

Bordeaux- Red – Saint Emilion

Saint emilionThis Chateau belongs to the d’Arfeuille family who also own other estates in Libournais such as Chateau La Conseillante.

The blend is more on Merlot side, as usual in Saint Emilion: 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc

Appearance: Limpid- red cherry – Normal viscosity

Smell: Clean nose with intense aromas of red berries, blackcurrent. notes of spices: vanilla, pepper, oak. on the second nose,  it develops aromas of cocoa and caramel

Taste: Dry wine with lively acidity, round, warm, powerfull. Tannins are high, but well integrated. Flavor of berries, red fruit, spices, violet flowers, licorice, and oak – with a long finish

Conclusions: A very elegant Saint Emilion Grand cru, velvety and round. I give it a 15/20


Tasting Note #7:  Chateau Chalon 1998 from Domaine Grand

Jura- White – Vin Jaune

See the post The Mystery of Vin Jaune to have more information on this wine


Appearance: Dull surface, high viscosity, lustrous bronze color with medium intensity

Smell: Intense aromas of walnut, dried fruit, almond, apricot

Taste: Dry wine with nervy acidity, round, warm, powerfull. Flavor of Walnut, almonds, apricot, acacia flowers.

Conclusions: Very intense experience with this typical vin jaune from Jura. The bronze color was fantastic, very persistant walnut aromas and high level of acidity. Very long finish. I give it a 16.5/20

Pairing: This Chateau Chalon was perfect with comté cheese, and also try the recipe of Chicken with morels mushrooms and vin jaune….. its delicious.


Tasting Note #6: Pic Saint Loup Chateau de Lascaux 2011

Languedoc- Red – Pic Saint Loup


Pic Saint Loup is the rising star of Languedoc wines for a few couple of years now.

This region, in south of France, between the Mediterranean sea and Cévennes mountains, is the largest wine producer in France. In the past, this region was mostly focussed on quantity, producing liters of table wine. However, in the last twenty years, the level of quality has increased and some of the Languedoc red wines are certainly the most valuable of the french market.


Here’s my tasting note for this Pic Saint Loup:

Grapes variety: blend of Grenache – 40% and Syrah -60%

Appearance: Intense Garnet colour, very deep, Tears on the glass are large

Smell: Intense aromas of black cherry, spicy ( pepper) a little bit oaky


Taste: Good level of acidity and tannins. Same flavour of Cherry, and some roasted aromas, cocoa, oak, pepper

Overall impressions: very pleasant wine, very young of course, but pleasant to drink anyway, very lively and fruity.

I would give it a 13.5/20

The price is around 10 Euro, so as I said before, very good value for money.





Tasting Note #5: Chablis Grand Cru Bougros, “Côte de Bouguerots” William Fevre 2010

Bourgogne- White – Chablis

I have tasted it with several other Chablis in a Master Class. This Grands Crus Bougros was the masterpiece of this tasting and I must admit that it was one of the best Chablis I have ever drunk.



This little climat  from William Fevre is one of the grand Cru of Chablis region. The plot is at the western end of Grands Crus area, at altitude around 150 meters, on marl and clay soil.

As in all white wines of Burgundy, the grape variety is Chardonnay. The wine has been aged in oak barrel for 15 months.

Tasting notes: 

Appearance: Color: Pale yellow, shiny

Smell: Rich bouquet, very mineral, with citrus aromas ( lemon)

Taste: Nervy acidity, mineral, lemon, candied oranges. Great structure, full and rounded. This wine is very harmonious, with a long finish. You can  keep it for at least 10 years in your cellar.

The cost in a wine shop is at 45-50 Euros


Tasting Note # 4:  Saint Emilion Grand Cru Chateau Angelus 2009

Bordeaux red- right bank- Saint Emilion

I had the opportunity to taste this great wine at The Grand Tasting Event by Bettane & Desseauve at Louvre Museum in december. We had 3 vintages: 2005, 2006 and 2009
It’s a blend of 40% Cabernet Franc, and 60% Merlot

Chateau Angelus is a Saint Emilion classified A in the latest classification.

The name came from the fact that, from the vineyards, you could hear the bell coming from the 3 churches aroud.

Here’s my tasting notes for the 2009:

Appearance: Color: purple, dark, intense, shiny surface.

Smell: Blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry flavor, ripe fruits, almost jammy. spicy.

Taste: Full bodied, tannins are high but very well integrated. still on ripe fruits and spices, tobacco.
Very long finish.

This wine has a great potential for aging, with a good level of tannins coming from the cabernet franc.
A bottle of 2009 is about 300-350 Euro on the market (400-470 $)

I rated it at 17.5/20 Robert Parker gave a 96/100 and it’s at 18/20 in other tasting guides


Tasting note #3: Chateau Martet – Réserve de la famille- 2008

Red Wine- Sainte Foy  -Bordeaux – Right Bank

Special “cuvée” 100% Merlot


Small estate of 25 ha, 25 km from Saint Emilion.

Apearance: Intense colour, Garnet -purple, pretty dark.

Smell: Powerfull aromas of black fruit, prune, little bit oaky, burnt wood, honey.

Taste: Dry wine, with a good level of acidity, tannins are moderate. Full-bodied. Flavor of blackberry, prune, wood. Medium finish, well balanced.

Very good overall sensation. This wine is around 25-30 Euro in wine shops.



Tasting note #2: Chateauneuf du Pape Bois de Boursan – 2004

Red Wine- Southern Rhône Valley 

This wine made by family wine grower Versino, is perfect to drink now.

It’s a blend of 65% grenache, 15% Syrah, 15% Mourvedre and 5% of other grapes. Quite usual for a wine of this region.

Appearance : Garnet, dark and deep

Smell: Intense, with lots of red fruit, berries and cherry, spices, and pepper

chateauneuf du pape bois de boursan

Taste: Red fruit, dark cherry, pepper, garrigue. Full bodied, medium-high tannins, long finish.

Can be drunk now but, you can keep it in your cellar for 3-5 years.

Very pleasant wine, to drink with meat and sauce like “daube provencale”.

Can be finished with a chocolate and cherry dessert.

Price: around 25 Euro

Wine grower website: http://boisdeboursan.perso.sfr.fr/index.html



Tasting Note # 1: Montagny 1er Cru Buissonnier White 2008

Bourgogne/Burgundy; Côtes Chalonaises.

Producer: Les vignerons de Buxy

Appearance: Pale yellow, very clear

Smell: Fine bouquet of stone fruit ( peach) and butter

Taste: Dry, lively acidity, with aroma of fruit ( peach and citrus), white flowers, and butter
Long finish. Very charming wine, with lots of aromas and a nice complexity.

Good to drink with seafood like scallops, with fish and cream sauce, white meats, and goat cheese.
Find more on producer:http://www.vigneronsdebuxy.fr/index.php?lang=gbmontagny 1er cru

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