Of course, the best place to taste wine in Paris is….. Wine Tasting In Paris. not only you will enjoy the charming tasting room in a cobblestone street of Latin Quarter, but you will have also a complete wine experience that could find nowhere else. It is not only a wine tasting moment, it’s a real initiation of French Wine world. in more than 2 hours, you will discover the wine regions, maps, characteristics, grape varieties, tasting notes,….

After that, and only after ;-) you can also explore the numerous wine bars of Paris. Just to share some of my favorites adresses:

  • Caves Legrand: The classic. An historical wine shop and wine bar in the passage Vivienne ( old fashioned cover street cerated in the 19th century)
  • Barav: A lively winebar in Haut Marais, this place close to city hall of 3rd district and a hall called Careaux du Temple.
  • Frenchie: a wine bar in 2nd district with an excellent selection of wine and good tapas to eat with your glass of wine.
  • Le Baron Rouge: a real institution next to Aligre food market, 5 minutes form Bastille area. Don’t look for a chair, it’s alwys too crowdy. try to find a place close to one of the barrel outside and talk with locals!
  • Le 5eme cru: a small wine bar in the 5th district, close to Wine Tasting In Paris. Good wines with a selection of cheeses an charcuteries