31 August 2016
31 August 2016,

This summer, while I was in Italy, I had the opportunity to discover and taste wine of a marvelous winery: Tenuta di Valgiano.

This winery is located on hills arounTV5d Lucca, one of the most charming city of Tuscany. The appelation, the DOC in Italia, is “Colline Luchessi”.

The estate belongs now for around 20 years to Laura di Collobiano. It was a luxuous property built by a rich family from Lucca and it belongs also to one of the sisters of Napoleon.

The house by itself is something to be seen! A large light yellow building on a top of a small hill, with a fantastic view on all the Lucca Valley and the vineyards around.












The estate covers today around  30ha and produces olny Biodynamic wines

We had the opportunity to taste the wine in the kitchen of the house, surounded by tomatos and various vegetables, with kitchen maid in the background.  This was an experience! It looked like in an interior’s design magazine about Tuscany.



We tasted first a fresh and fruity white wine (more rare in this area) made with grapes: Vermentino, Trebiano and Sauvignon blanc. Not really complex, but easy to drink and perfect for the aperitif or with some shrimps and green olives.TV9

Then we tasted the best seller of the house; The Palistori Rosso in 4 different vintages. It’s made with the traditional Tuscan grapes, Sangiovese for 70%, and some Merlot and Syrah.

The wine has a nice ruby color, very intense. Aromas are mostly fruity, spicy with a good level of acidity which make this wine very drinkable even in high temperature of Tuscan summers. The vintage 2012 was my favorite, but we really apreciated the 2010, more stong and tannic and the 2011.

Then we discovered the star of the winery: the Tenuta di Valgiano Rosso, which is made with 60% Sangiovese, 20% TV1Merlot and 20% Syrah. Vines are around 20 years old and the wine stay 1 year in oak barrel.
It’s a wine really intense, with a dark rubis color, and strong spices and black fruits aromas. Tannins are present but soft. the after taste is really long. It’s a wine that you can keep in your cellar for 10-15 years without any problems.

The price of these bottles are high ( 76 Euro each, compare to 18 euro for very good Palistori) but It seems interesting to see how those wines can age.

So, to summerize, I highly recommend to visit this winery if you’re in the aera, not only you will taste high quality wines, but you will also discover a fantastic Lucca’s Villa and a fascinating host: Laura.

Don’t forget to call or e-mail before to make an appointment.TV4

Laura di Collobiano
Tenuta di Valgiano
Via di Valgiano 7
tel: +39 0583402271
fax : + 39 0583 572141
e-mail : info@valgiano.it
web : www.valgiano.it
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tenutadi.valgiano



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